Inspired by the world and designed by Aussies, with a touch of ingenuity.

We set out to create a fun pair of shorts with popping colours and attitude. What we got was Deep Pockets.

These shorts are designed for living, whether it be on the beach, a boat, at a bar or a festival. Made with the lightest, quick drying fabric, double stitched for rugged wear and flat seams for comfort.

Apart from patterns that vibrate positivity and shout from the mountains “I am here,” they also have two, uniquely deep pockets.

With an easy fit and elasticated drawstring waistband, these shorts are about style, comfort and functionality.

No longer will your phone, keys or wallet fall out of your pocket, you have Deep Pockets.

Forget looking sluggish with your pockets hanging low when loaded with all your stuff, we have solved that by stitching in the pocket, a feature you’ll love.

How much cash can someone’s pockets hold? Well you have Deep Pockets, so more than the guy next to you.

Check out our stylish and compact backpack that comes with every purchase, perfect for your beach towel, drink, iPad or book.

We’re all about living and having a great time, so do yourself a favour and grab a pair of Deep Pockets and join us!

Oh and our products are never tested on animals, only legends!